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The horizon changes based on how you see it. Our job is to help entrepreneurs from all over Europe look further forward to achieve top level results and performance.

We are in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Romania, Albania and Slovakia.

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“Destiny is not luck; it is based on choices.

It is not something you wait for.

It is something to be achieved.”

-William Jennings Bryan-

Who we are


We are a new international network established by independent tax, financial and management consultancy companies operating in different European countries.

We work with member companies, exploiting combined strengths to create value and enable them to offer global solutions to their customers.

The value of the network is the direct result of what  our activity is centred round: international know-how, proven experience and lasting relations.

In our consolidated network, our member companies offer precious competences for both the local and international perspective to help you achieve your ambitions. Our global professionals support the evolution of business, sharing competences, intuitions, resources and market know-how.

About Us

Precision and Personalization

Everything we do is centred around our personal commitment. Developed through our highly active network that guarantees continuity, competence and an in-depth understanding of your business.

Our Network

Through our network, we value quality, facilitate the collaboration of experts and align ourselves with the highest standards of audits, accounting and consultancy services enabling the supply of effective solutions that are both local and global.

Mario Moretti

Born in Bergamo in 1970. A Degree in Economics and Commerce from Bergamo University and a Master’s in International Taxation. Registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers of Bergamo. Member of the “International Taxation” Commission of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Bergamo and member of the CFE Tax Advisers Europe. Auditor. Fluent English. [...]

Antonio Arzuffi

Born in Bergamo in 1965. A Degree in Economics and Commerce from Bergamo University. Auditor. He trained and then worked with the auditing company Coopers & Lybrand Spa now PWC; to then work in multinational contexts as Manager, company Controller and Head of administration, finance and control. In 2014 he founded A2M Srl. He holds professional positions in well known companies as general manager, finance manager and CEO. Fluent English. [...]

Via Ranica 3, 24020 Bergamo, Torre Boldone


Roberta Noris

Born in Bergamo in 1965. A Degree in Economics and Commerce from Bergamo University. Registered in the Register of Independent Auditors and the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers of Bergamo.  He spent five years working as an auditor with a Big Four company. In the following years he grew in multinational contexts reaching the position of CEO. In 2008, he founded the auditing company REORG with Mario Moretti. Fluent English, French and Spanish. [...]

Via Soperga 2 - 20127, Milano


Andrea Stepova

Born in Prague – Czech Republic in 1982. A diploma in business administration. She worked in a private company in the international transport sector. She currently supports companies with entering or growing in new international markets. [...]

Varsavska 715/36, Praha 2 – Vinohrady, PSC 120 00


Petr Merezko

Born in Prague – Czech Republic in 1966. A Degree in International Commerce from Prague University. PhD in “financing for transport services” from the Czech Technical University of Prague. In the last 30 years he has specialised in the financial sector working for Unicredit and for Erste Corporate Banking in Prague. His experience includes merger and acquisition projects in the investment banking team of the Zivnostenska banka in Prague. [...]

Ramona Stegarita

Born in Ploiesti- Romania in 1986. Degree in Accounting and Finance from the Oil & Gas University of Ploiesti. Registered with The Chamber of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania. Auditor and Chartered Accountant. She holds professional position as director of Contamar Finance Consulting. Expert in Accounting, Tax Advisory, HR Management, Financial Accounting, and Financial Audits. [...]

Majlinda Haloci

Born in Tirana in 1972. Degree in Economics from Tirana University. Master’s in Finance. Registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers of Tirana. Tax Advisor. [...]

Sheshi "Skënderbej", Pallati i Kulturës, Kati 2, Tirana, Albania


Sergey Priezzhev

Born in Minsk – USSR (Belarus) in 1989. Degree in Information Technology from the Moscow University of Business and Management. He works in the foreign economic activities sector, imports. [...]

Varsavska 715/36, Praha 2 – Vinohrady, PSC 120 00


Alessandro Ferri

Born in Rome in 1967. A Degree in Law from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. Registered with the Order of lawyer (Attorney-at-law) of Rome. Member of the "European and International Law" Commission of the order of lawyer of Rome and external member of the International Observatory of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers of Rome. Accredited lawyer to EU Member States embassies in Rome. Fluent English. [...]

Adrián Graban

Born in Košice, Slovakia in 1974. PhD. and Dr. degree from Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovak Republic. Adrián Graban studied also at Universitá degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy. Internship at Università Europea di Roma, Italy. Registered in the Slovak Bar Association from 2002. He specialises in Commercial Law, Civil Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law and Court Proceedings. Adrián Graban has experience as Consultant at the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. Fluent English and Italian. [...]

Kováčska 53 040 01 KOŠICE, Slovakia


Sandro Guidi

Born in Turin in 1974. Graduate in Political science at Turin University, Master in EU law & economics at Jagiellonian University, Cracow. Sandro Guidi has 15+ years of job experience gained among Italy, Poland, CEE, Central Asia and China. Sandro is an international head-hunter with CIPD certificate (Chartered Institute Of Personnel Development). Professional attitude in Sales, BDM, negotiations, headhunting methods and tools (direct search, executive search, confidential recruitment). Successful in leading recruitment processes for middle-top positions in many sectors in particular: Engineering, Construction, Transport, Aviation, Medical, Manufacturing, and Automotive. Fluent Italian, English, Polish and Spanish. [...]

What we offer


An ample range of services to accompany customers from A to Z

  • 01

    HR Support and Payroll Services

    – Headhunting activities
    – Executive search (middle and top management searches)
    – Framework of company and its employees
    – Payroll processing and contributions
    – Fulfillment of social security and insurance obligations
    – Technical consultancy in the field of work
    – Technical consultancy in contentious

  • 02

    Tax Consulting

    – Ordinary tax advice
    – Updating and training on the evolution of tax laws
    – Tax advice for extraordinary transactions
    – Tax planning
    – Assistance in relations with the tax administration
    – Support in tax disputes
    – Contractual advice

  • 03

    Financial Services

    – Economic and financial advice for financial statements
    – Business plan
    – Company check ups
    – Annual financial Budgets and periodical forecasts
    – Financial short, medium and long term planning
    – Assessment criteria used to access credit
    – Support with searching for new loans for specific new projects

  • 04


    – Independent and voluntary auditing of financial statements for the year and consolidated financial statements
    – Auditing of reporting packages
    – Auditing limited to and focussed on specific financial statement items
    – Periodical audits of the regularity of accounts
    – Study and assessment of the internal control system
    – Audits of procedure compliance and/or of company conduct with specific laws, regulations or the requests of control authorities

  • 05

    International Advisory

    – Development of a strategy for inclusion in the foreign Country with customised research to assess entry costs and benefits
    – Identification of local partners
    – Company relocation
    – Relations with the diplomacy network and promotion agencies to support and/or promote investments

Core Features

Key Factors

We stand out for the following key factors:

  • Individual Program

    Individual Program

    We personalize the service for each customer with a holistic approach

  • Care for costumer needs

    Care for costumer needs

    We undertake to satisfy all the needs of our customers

  • Reactivity


    We are always ready to handle new requests

  • High flexibility

    High flexibility

    Our approach is aligned with the need to adapt to any situation

  • International Co-operation

    International Co-operation

    Our strong co-operation with international organizations and our professional network enable us to support customers anywhere

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You can find us in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Romania, Albania and Slovakia.

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